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Huh? So how does this whole editing thing work?

A good editor is your most lovingly attentive — and yet deeply critical — reader. He or she wants nothing more than for every sentence to sing, for each paragraph to flow gracefully into the next.

But polishing paragraphs and smoothing out sentences are only part of the job. As an editor, I simultaneously evaluate structure, language, pace. Would that last paragraph be better as your opening? Is the article or chapter too long or too slight? I’m also checking your argument for holes and flaws in logic to make sure you’ll leave readers convinced. Finally, I’m looking for what’s not there. Are there other facts you need? Are there additional details that would flesh out a particular passage?

I believe in working transparently with clients, so I can edit on any platform (Microsoft Word, Pages, Google Docs and others) and track changes and insert comments. Clients can accept my change, revise it themselves, or revert to the original phrasing.

Editing, then, isn’t a process of making corrections. (If you need someone to attend to only spelling, grammar, punctuation or style, I can refer you to several terrific copy editors.) It’s a collaboration between a writer and an editor who both are equally invested in making a piece of writing as strong as possible.


What? Services we offer

Op-ed Consulting. Among the services I offer are collaborative writing, editing, targeting — basically all things opinion journalism. See some samples of commentary articles I helped place, and a few I wrote.

Draft evaluation. I've spent a lot of time rejecting — and a little bit accepting — op-ed page submissions. I'll give you a quick read-only assessment of appropriateness of topic and argument for target publication.

Line editing. Sentence-by-sentence editing for nonfiction, including essays, magazine articles, white papers, reports, book proposals, chapters, op-eds, blog posts and more.

Editorial consulting. Strategy for individual projects or planning for ongoing content development and delivery, such as email campaigns, newsletters, articles or blogs.

Getting into the Op-Ed Game. One-hour presentation with Q&A for aspiring op-ed and commentary writers. Includes:  insight into what editors are looking for; basic structure for essays; and strategies for increasing chances of placement; and how to leverage your writing to build your profile as an expert. Learn more about my presentation on how to write op-eds here.


Who? Meet the editor-in-chief

Robin Rauzi

Robin Rauzi is a freelance editor specializing in op-eds, commentary and other forms of nonfiction. She was a full-time writer and editor at the Los Angeles Times for 13 years, during which time she worked on the entertainment, travel and opinion desks. Her last position was articles editor for the opinion pages, work that involved collaborating with activists, academics, politicians and other subject matter experts to craft lively and convincing essays.

She started Get Rauzi Editorial Services in 2009 and continued to edit intermittently for the Times for the next decade. She is currently a  senior commentary editor at RAND, a non-profit research institution.

She’s edited scores of corporate white papers and reports, edited books on the farm bill and climate change, worked on multiple creative projects for the Los Angeles Philharmonic, and built a few web sites. She also runs an online program called 40 Days + 40 Writes.

Robin's approach to editing is deeply shaped by print journalism, where it’s the job of an editor to collaborate with a writer to produce the best work in service of the reader. Years on a daily newspaper also mean she gets up to speed on new topics in a hurry and turns things around on a tight deadline.

Robin has a BFA in screenwriting from USC and a master’s degree in print journalism from Ohio University. She currently lives in Spokane, Washington. That is not near Seattle.


How much? Hourly rates and project estimates

It depends. Do you have a 300-page book manuscript, or just a 750-word op-ed? Do you just need a quick cleanup of your prose, or consulting on how and where to pitch your op-ed idea? I believe the fairest way to charge clients is by the hour because each job and each client has different needs — and sometimes those needs shift as a project progresses. I use software to track my time to the minute, so I can detail for you what I worked on, when, and for exactly how long. You pay for only the time your job needs. You don’t pay me to talk to my Mom, or take yoga, or sit around and wait for return calls. I’m happy to calculate estimates or retainers. I also can provide references to, or subcontract work to, a number of highly skilled specialists, including writers, researchers, copy editors, graphic designers and photographers. Close

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Get Rauzi Editorial Services

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